Paintings by Graham Clarke

titleWorkers Tea Break

 Sat with my wife Shirley in our favourite part of the park eating our fish and chips.In front of us at a distance were these workers.Did a lightening sketch,and got their permission to take some photos----The stetch was tranfered to a canvas in my studio as shown below

 Workers Tea Break---(2)

 I have started to fill in the shapes created with various coloured paint,and used the photos I took to place in the buildings in the background


Workers Tea Break----(3)

 Adding more colour as I go along, and detail---I am happy with the can plod away and enjoy adding more detail..



Workers Tea Break---(4)

 We carry on with the detail,and cooling off the background with washes.By using washes this sends the background to the distance I am happy with



Workers Tea Break---(5)

 This is the finished painting.Painted on canvas with Acrylic paint.----I would like any comment you may have about any of my work.--Visit the Guest Book and you may leave a comment there---If you would like to send an Email please do so,I will answer all emails---Enjoy your Painting--Graham