Paintings by Graham Clarke

title:  Rev Matthew Tregenza

 It was a joy to have met Rev Mattew Tregenza,and a privilege to have been able to paint him in his surroundings.The following illustrations are my approach to the painting.Starting ofcourse with a sketch with weak paint.



 Stage Two

 Now I shall start to block in the areas I have created with the sketch with various colours,and placing in the candles etc.I am pleased with the composition so can carry on with some stronger colours.

Stage Three

 Things are begining to take shape at this stage,and Have added detail to the windows,candle holders,bannister etc.Working as well on the face,by positioning the eyes,ears,and a little to the hands.-----At this stage I was really excited,and pleased with the progress.



Stage Four

 Just look at what happens when you start to add detail.The painting starts to come alive,and my excitment grows.With Acrylic Paints you just keep on applying layers and layers of washes,and each one draws you closer to the finished thing.



 Stage Five

 My final stage will be the detail to the clothing,and a touch of paint for the shoes.Al that is needed then is a frame,and here it is.



 Rev: Matthew Tregenza

 I must admit I have enjoyed every minute I have spent on this painting.I wish The Reverend and his wife all the very best for their future together,and would like to thank him one more time for the joy, and happiness he gave to so many people at the service he gave for Margaret and John on their 50th Anniversary.