Paintings by Graham Clarke


Ive been in love with her all my life

 Me at work

 in a happy mood,---- with teeth


 A nurse working at our local Health Centre

 Christine (The Post)

 Running our village post office.---Lovelly helpful,cheerfull lady

 Cookie  My best Buttie

 Been butties all our lives and we havent had one cross word-----how lovelly is that


 My back to back neighbour,who lives with Eileen.Two wonderful people


 The lovelly wife of Simon,who really gave me a lot of help when I needed it


 Monday morning buttie


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 Mandy and Stewie

     this isMandy and Stewie Is


 Shirley's brother



 Captain Beany

 Now this is a character and a half.What a wionderful man,and all the way from planet Beanus raising money for those who need it.

 Our very own Kathrine

Cli I have painted six celebrities which I shall add later

 Guess Who


 Sian (I Think lol)



 painting now hanging in Cwmafan Library


 Cwmafan Remembers     


 Tom "The Voice"

 The man is incredable

 Antony Hopkins

 What can one say,but brilliant


 Onother great voice from Wales

 Nathan Cleverly

 Our very own "World Champion" Nathan will be off to America soon and Im sure the Whole of Wales wish him well---

Mother and Son

 Two wonderful people who along with Mandy,serve the Best fish& Chips in Town.Emaculate !! Its just wonderful to know you all                                                                                                                                    e

Onother one of Ollie

 This one is for his Nan (Mandy to everyone else) She is the one who inspired me to paint Ollie,just with her kindnes.--I have yet to meet Sarah,Ollies mam

 This is Ollie

 Really lovelly young boy----

Robert 007  Happy Birthday Rob-----Fabulous Party



 Pilot for Air Ambulance Wales.and a true gentleman