Paintings by Graham Clarke


 A very special dog,just like its owners Sabina and Steve


 A wicked but lovelly dog


 Very much so


 A really lovelly,contented dog


 So is this one


 Especially for Simon's friend


 For a friend of Trish


 at Three Cliffs bay

 This is quite old

 The painting I mean

 Some Horses Heads

 Hope you like these

 something different


 A Friends cat


 Looking for a Hare?


 Two of a kind


 Some Cats

 I painted these for a friend I met on holidays

 Thinking of you

 Really enjoyed this one of --Sidney


 After his bath----He loved it really

Sparrows taking a bath

 Was luck enough to have caught these on camera.There were about six of them,but selected thes four to make my painting